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The Campaign comments on the new Food Information Regulation 20th July 2015

The Anaphylaxis Campaign’s CEO, Lynne Regent, attended the Food Standards Agency (FSA) Board meeting on the 22 January 2013, covering the new European Food Information for Consumers Regulation (FIC) as part of the agenda. After the meeting, there was a

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Consensus statement on allergen thresholds produced by the Global Food Protection Institute 20th July 2015

The Global Food Protection Institute met in Fairfax, VA, USA on 24th September to discuss Preventive Controls and Allergen Management in the Manufacturing Environment.  One of the main topics covered at the symposium was threshold levels, or reference doses, an

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The Anaphylaxis Campaign welcomes Dr. Anna Murphy to our Clinical and Scientific Panel 20th July 2015

It’s a brand new year and a brand new member for us here at the Anaphylaxis Campaign, as Dr Anna Murphy will be joining us as of January 2013 to bring her expertise and experience to our Clinical and Scientific

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The horse meat scandal & food allergen labelling: The bigger picture 20th July 2015

18/02/2013 In light of the recent horse meat scandal, whereby various processed meat products from multiple companies have been found to contain up to 100% horse meat instead of the advertised beef mince, we were contacted by a number of

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EAACI issues European Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Public Declaration 20th July 2015

27/02/13 EAACI calls on EU and national health policy makers to introduce food allergy education and information campaigns to raise awareness Clear food labelling policies that will help patients better manage their condition Availability to research funds to find a

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Want to find the best places for allergy-friendly dining and travel? 20th July 2015

28/02/2013 We understand that getting out and about when you or a family member has a severe allergy can be daunting. You can end up feeling so stressed worrying about whether you can trust a place to understand your needs

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New Dietary Advice for Early Introduction of Allergenic Foods 20th July 2015

08/03/2013 The merits and pitffalls of early introduction of allergenic foods to children have long been debated. Two knew contributions have become available this week addressing issues around this controversial topic. An article published this week in The Wall Street Journal

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New EU Food Information Regulations ?What you need to know for 13th December 2014 20th July 2015

The new EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation will mean that information about allergenic ingredients will have to be made available for non-pre-packed as well as pre-packed foods. The aim is to make information clearer and more consistent. The new

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Mark Foster visits the Anaphylaxis Campaign 20th July 2015

Earlier this month a visit from our patron, world champion and Olympic swimmer, Mark Foster caused a lot of excitement as he paid dropped by our Farnborough HQ! We spent the day with him as he had lunch with the team

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