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The top 14 food allergens

In the UK, food allergen labelling regulations recognise 14 foods as the most common causes of food allergies and intolerances. These are celery, egg, fish, lupin, milk, mustard, peanuts and tree nuts, sesame, shellfish (crustaceans & molluscs) soya, sulphites, and wheat (cereals containing gluten).

Other food allergens

There are foods outside of the top 14 allergens that can cause allergic reactions. These are alpha-gal, banana, buckwheat, fruit, kiwifruit, legumes & pulses, lipid transfer proteins, onion & garlic, pollen food syndrome, Quorn, seeds and vegetables.

Non-food allergens

Non-food causes of allergic reactions include animals, chlorhexidine, drugs, exercise, hair dyes, idiopathic anaphylaxis, insect stings, latex and mould.

Tests, treatments and other topics

Read about anaphylaxis, adrenaline, immunotherapy, allergy testing, allergen thresholds, cosmetics and personal care products, and outgrowing allergy.

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Factsheets about the top 14 food allergens

Factsheets about other food allergens

Factsheets about non-food allergens

Factsheets on testing, treatment and other topics

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