Almond Alert - Rude Health Cacao & Vanilla Granola - Egg, Wheat and Gluten Alert - Innovative Bites and American Fizz Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bites - Sesame Alert - Sara Tahina - Egg Alert - Empire Biscuit - Milk Alert - Interlink Direct Ltd CG Coconut Candy - Sulphur Dioxide - Rolnik Beer Mustard - Egg Alert - Aunt Bessie's Croquettes - Ireland Alert - Gluten (wheat), Egg, Fish, Milk and Mustard Alert - Deluxe Wild Salmon in puff pastry - Sulphur Dioxide/ Sulphites Alert - Interlink Direct Ltd CEBU Dried Mangoes - Celery and Mustard Alert - SQ Wholesale four flavours of Robertson Rajah Curry Powder - Soya Alert - Mr. Dips Taramasalata - Nut Alert - Turkish Delight – Rose and Lemon Flavour - Sulphur Dioxide/Sulphites Alert - Two Varieties of C&K Meats Sausages - Wheat (gluten), Milk, Nuts, Egg and Soya Alert - Five Ultra products - North Ireland - Egg Alert - Two varieties of Western Brand Garlic Kiev's - Mustard Alert - The Spice Tailor Fiery Goan Curry - Gluten and Milk Alert - Grafschafter Kräuter Butter Baguette and Grafschafter Knoblauch Butter Baguette - Molluscs Alert - Eridanous Squid Rings - Pistachio Alert - Hellenic Grocery Handmade Loukoumi Mixed Flavours - Milk Alert - Lidl Ireland - Favorina Chocolate Dip Eggs - Gluten Alert - Trafo tortilla chips - Milk Alert - CO YO dairy free coconut milk yogurt - Egg Alert - Laila Mint Sauce - Celery Alert - Morrisons Italian Penne Bolognese Bake - Northern Ireland Milk Alert - Country Kitchen Coleslaw and Potato Salad Twin Pack - Gluten Alert - Amaizin Organic Natural Corn Products - Change in allergen status - Ryvita Multi-Seed Thins, 125g - Fish, Molluscs, Crustaceans, Sesame and Soya Alert - Optima Consumer Healthcare Limited two products - Milk Alert - Boots Delicious Pineapple and Berry Compote - Milk Alert - Natural Days Ground Rice Flour - Milk Alert - Wikinger Hot Dogs - Gluten Alert - 2 Gluten Free Scotch Eggs - Egg and Mustard Alert - Morrisons Eat Smart COUNTED Honey and Mustard Dressing - Milk Alert - Walkers Oven Baked Roast Chicken & Thyme flavour and Walkers Oven Baked Sea Salt Flavour - Peanut Alert - Kam Yuen Crab Roe Flavour Sunflower Seeds - Walnut Alert - Tesco Finest Chocolate Cake - Gluten Alert - Organic Buckwheat Noodles with Amaranth, wheat & gluten free - Nut Alert - Dr. Oetker Ready Rolled Regal Ice - Soya, Egg, Peanuts, Wheat, Barley, Oats (gluten), Milk & Sulphites Alert - Ridiculously Rich by Alana - Update - Mustard and Milk Alert - Big Al’s Chicken Chunks, Chicken Dippers and Chicken Goujons - Milk, oats and sulphites - Hench Fuel Protein Porridge - Prawn Alert - By Sainsbury’s 10 Vegetable Spring Roll Selection - Mustard and Fish Alert - Morrisons Traditonal Chicken & Mushroom Pie - Mustard and Fish - Morrisons Traditional Chicken & Mushroom Pie - Milk and soya alert - NutriPlan Vitamin and Mineral Enriched Meal in a Drink - Mustard Alert - Birds Eye 4 x Shortcrust Chicken Pies - Milk and wheat alert - Dr Oetker Decor Kit - Milk, wheat, egg, walnuts and soya alert - Cuisine Solutions Ltd Cake Club Carrot Cake and Cake Club Chocolate Fudge Cake - Soya Alert - Lidl Connell Bakery Wholesome Seed and Grain Sliced Pan - Cashew Nut Alert - Clancy’s Barbecue Flavour Coated Peanuts - Nuts and Sulphur Dioxide/Sulphites Alert - Alesto Snacking Pockets - Milk and Soya Alert - Pro Pharma 100% Whey High Protein Powder Food Supplement - Milk, Soya, Wheat and Hazelnut Alert - Four varieties of Lidl Deluxe Drinking Chocolate Sticks - Gluten Alert - Fried Beaten Rice with Spiced Poppadum & Peanuts - Sulphite Alert - Mary Berry’s Horseradish Sauce - Brazil Nuts Alert - Snacking Essentials Fruit & Nut - Soya Alert - Les Brioche Pain au lait Brioche Rolls - Mustard Alert - Mr Naga Hot Pepper Pickle - Milk and Soya Alet - HIGH5 Energy Source Summer Fruits products - Milk, Oats and Gluten Alert - Various Bite Fuel Protein Granola Trail Mixes - Wheat (gluten) Alert -Wasabi Peas - Milk Alert - Independent Sliced Chorizo Dry Cured and Seasoned with Paprika - Milk Alert - Chicken and Bacon Layered Salad - Updated: Gluten and Soya Alert - Heera Punjabi Wadi - Celery Alert - Three Loch Arther Creamery Cheeses - Milk Alert - Cloughbane Homemade Stuffing - Peanut Alert - 9NINE Super Seeds Breakfast Apricot & Strawberry Bar 50g - Milk Alert - Tesco Cookie & Cream Biscuits - Peanut Alert - Whitworths Milk Chocolate Raisins - Mustard Alert - ASDA Classic Fish Pie - Mustard, Soya and Celery Alert - Three Frohwein Beef products - Ireland - Celery, Mustard, Milk, Wheat (gluten) and Barley (gluten) Alert - Three Lidl Ireland Products - Egg Alert - Tesco Creamy Leek and Bacon Cooking Sauce - Gluten and mustard alert - Poe Limited Products - Milk alert - Booths Fruit Teacakes, 4-pack - Milk Alert - Doritos Chilli Heatwave - Soya and sulphur dioxide/sulphites Alert - Spar Daily Deli Peppered Ham & Egg Sandwiches - Peanut, Tree Nut, Gluten and Milk Alert - Clif Builder’s Protein Chocolate Mint Bars - Wheat (gluten), soya and milk Alert - Birthday Cake Cookies Dough Bites - Hazelnut Alert - Belgian White Chocolate Chunk All Butter Cookies - Allergy Allert dairy and pistachio nuts - Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Edamame Thai spiced dip - Sulphur dioxide and/or sulphites - Fisherman Salted Radish - Milk, soya & wheat (gluten) - Mini Vegetable Samosas - Gluten containing ingredients removed from Planters Dry Roasted Peanuts 60g, 270g and 220g bags. - Egg, milk, wheat (gluten), sulphites - Cherry Tree Home Bakery various products (N Ireland only) - Celery Alert - Biltong - Soya and Barley (gluten) Alert - Two Direct Food Solution Ltd Products - Unilever Food Solutions – Knorr Chicken Powder Bouillon 900g x 6 - Wheat and barley (gluten) - Old Ale Bottle - Egg Alert - SPAR Raspberry Cheesecake - Milk and Barley - Quorn Chilled Cocktail Sausage - Macadamia Nut Alert - Wholefood Cranberries - Barley Alert - Brasserie Gluten Free Organic Pale Ale - Northern Ireland - Soya Alert - Gourmet Cheese & Bacon Burgers - Almond alert - The Pantry Madagascan Vanilla Extract, 38ml, sold by Aldi - Nut alert - Mini Size Jammie Dodgers - Gluten Alert - Cofresh Cornflake mix - Nut (Almond) Alert - SuperValu Signature Tastes Irish Sherry Trifle 800g and 350g - Allergen - milk - 5 Renew Life® probiotic supplements - Fazal’s Namak Para, 300g - extended recall - wheat (gluten) and/or milk and/or egg and/or nuts - Barley Alert - ASDA Limited Edition Szechuan Chicken - Kingsmill Teacakes - new egg and milk allergen warning - Wheat (gluten) Alert - Five Fazal’s confectionery products - Peanut and Nut Alert - KitKat Original Milk Chocolate Bites Pouch Bag - Milk Alert - White Rabbit Creamy Candy - Allinson’s 6 Brown Snack Rolls - new egg and milk risk - Wheat (gluten) Alert - Samlip Fresh Udon Noodle - Egg, Wheat (gluten) and Milk Alert - Three Krunchi Foods Products - Milk, Egg and Pork Alert - Tesco Finest Crab & Chilli Linguine - Wheat (gluten) - Co-op Irresistible Outdoor Bred Breaded Ham – Scottish Pork - Milk Alert - Thorntons Dark Chocolate Easter Egg with a personalised Iced Message - Fish and Crustaceans Alert - By Sainsbury’s Vegetable Sushi Snack Pack - Northern Ireland Only - Milk Alert - Four Homestead Homebakes products - Northern Ireland ONLY - Milk Alert - Slemish Assorted Pastries and Slemish Cupcake - Lidl Ireland - Soya, celery, lupin, mustard, sesame and cereals containing gluten - Kania Vegetable Stock Cubes - Milk alert - SunVit-D3 5000IU Tablets - Weetabix Food Company - Change of production site and nut caution - Egg Alert - Kenrow Chocolate bar, two varieties - Barley Alert - Two batches of incorrectly packaged Lindt Easter egg - Milk, egg, mustard and sesame - Tesco Oriental Kitchen Chicken Chow Mein, 400g - Best Fresh sandwich products - Egg Alert - Eton Mess White Chocolate, 100g and Lemon Meringue Chocolate bars, 95g - Mustard and Sulphites - Avoca Food Market Tomato Chutney, 320g - Egg Alert - Tesco Spaghetti Bolognese (frozen), 400g - Milk Alert - ZV Whey Protein 90, 500g - Nut alert - Uncle Roy’s Natural Bitter Almond Extract, 50ml/1.75oz - Milk and Mustard - Waitrose Frozen 2 Breaded Haddock Fillets - Wheat (gluten) and milk alert - Poundstretcher - Chocolate Crème Oreo 176g - Wheat (gluten) and milk - Limerick Cooked Ham - Milk Alert - Little Dish Pasta Bolognese, 300g - Mustard Alert - Skinny Goan Spiced Chicken Soup, 600g and 700g - Milk an Fish Alert - Co-op Southern Fried Chicken Wrap - Wheat, milk, soya and sulphites - B&M Mini Cream Cookies - Egg and Sulphites - MDA Products 15 Oat & Raisin Cookies - Peanut Alert - Profusion Organic Cacao Nibs Cashew Butter, 250g - Cashew Alert - Tesco Takeaway Butter Chicken - Gluten, milk, egg, soya, fish alert - Morrisons Market Street Assorted Party Cupcakes - Doritos Lightly Salted 200g Sharing Packs - by Sainsbury’s Ready Salted Crisps 6x25g - Wheat (gluten) Alert - Delphi Puy Lentil & Couscous Salad and Delphi Taramosalata Dip - Sesame Alert - Delphi Meze 4 Felafel with Fresh Houmous Dip - Soya Alert - Delphi Edamame Beans & White Cheese Salad - Walnut Alert - Irresistible Gingerbread Latte Cake - Milk Alert - Six Boost and Boom energy bar products - Nut (almond) Alert - Dr Oetker Regal Ice Ready Rolled Icing White - Milk Alert - ASDA Main for 2 Vegetable Balti - Milk Alert - ASDA Butcher’s Selection British Beef 3 Thin Cut Steaks with Garlic and Herb Butter - Sunblest 4 Fruit Teacakes - recipe change - Soya - Change in recipe and allergen labeling - Kellogg's NutriGrain Cereal Bar - Peanut Alert - Coconut Almond Butter, 250g Jar - Milk Alert - ALDI, Chinese Chicken Curry with Egg Fried Rice, 450g - Egg, Soya, Wheat - Change in recipe and allergen labelling - McVitie's Toasting Waffles - Gluten Alert - Gower Brewery Ltd, 4 types of beer - Gluten alert - Sena Farali Lot flour, 1kg - Walnut alert - Lizzie’s Food Factory Gluten Free Brownie - Sulphite alert - Mrs Bridges Horseradish Sauce & Mackays Caramelised Red Onion Marmalade with Chilli - Peanut alert - Bambino Quickeat Poha, 110g - Milk alert - Asda 6pk Tiger Sausage Rolls, £1.50 - Fish alert: Island Delight is recalling its Vegetable Short Crust Pattie, 140g - Tree nut alert: Waitrose is recalling its Lovelife Peanuts & Raisins, 270g - Mustard alert: Morrisons 2 Sea Bass Fillets With Lemongrass, Lime & Chilli Butter, 210g - Egg Alert: Quorn Foods recall Meat Free Red Thai Soup & Meat Free Moroccan Soup - Gluten alert - Mister Free’d Tomato & Oregano Gluten-Free Crackers, 220g - Nut, gluten, wheat and sulphites alert: Dorset Cereals recalls muesli range from Fultons Foods - Mustard and Celery alert: TRS extends recall of All Purpose Seasoning - Soya alert: Linwoods Bakery Multigrain Loaf recalled due to the inconsistent declaration of allergenic ingredients - Hazelnut and Almond alert: Raisin Milk Chocolate by Sainsbury’s, 200g - Mustard and Celery alert: TRS All Purpose Seasoning, 100g - Peanut alert: Interlink is extending its recall of 'Pop Millet' (Roasted Millet Snack Bar) to include an additional batch - Hazelnut alert: Waitrose Orange & Milk Chocolate Cookies - Peanut and tree nut alert: Lidl Ireland is withdrawing a batch of its Alesto Roasted and Salted Peanuts - Change in allergen status: Mr Kipling and Lyons Jam Tart recipe change - Peanut alert: Interlink Pop Millet (Roasted Millet Snack Bar), 400g - Almond, Brazil nut and pistachio nut alert: Waitrose Lovelife Peanuts & Raisins - Mustard alert: Co-op Loved by Us Simply Cheese and Tomato Pasta, 275g - Peanut alert: Lidl recalls Alesto Honey Peanuts, 200g - Milk alert: Lidl recalls Milbona Fruit Yoghurt, 8 x 125g - Hazelnut and Almond alert: IKEA is extending its recall to include 6 further products - Sesame alert: Lidl recalls Sondey Salted Rice Cakes, 130g - Milk alert: Asda 2 Syrup Sponge Puddings, £1.15 - Gluten and Soya alert: Premia Health is updating its recall of Premia Whey (Milk Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla flavours) and Protein Active Shakes (including Diet Whey and Protein) - Mustard alert: The Fine Cheese Co. recalls four types of its Pickled Fruits and Walnuts for Cheese - Crustacean (Prawn) alert: M&S Teriyaki Crackers, 60g - Egg Alert: ASDA Baker’s Selection 20 Mini Rocky Road Bites, £2 - Egg alert: Tiori Golden Vegetable Rice (only sold at ASDA) - Egg and Mustard alert: Booths Sandham’s Creamy Lancashire Cheese Sandwich - Egg alert: Premia Health extends its recall to include Protein Active Protein Shot and Protein Active Energy Shot - Milk alert: Gut & Günstig Rocket Ice Lollies, 11 x 47ml = 517ml - Peanut alert: A number of products have been recalled across North America because of peanut residue in soft red winter wheat flour from Grain Craft - Soya and egg alert: Premia Health is extending its recall to include Protein Active Shakes (including Diet Whey and Protein), Protein Active Paleo Bars and Premia Health Premia Whey Tubs - Soya alert: Country Puddings Chocolate Fudge Puddings, 2 x 120g - Egg alert: M&S 2 Skipjack Tuna Fishcakes - Milk and Hazelnut alert: IKEA Choklad Mörk 60% (100g) and Choklad Mörk 70% (100g) - Soya alert - Protein Active Diet Whey Shake (Belgian Chocolate flavour), 50g - Gluten and celery alert - Waitrose Duchy Organic Spiced Carrot & Parsnip Soup - Soya alert: Garth Bakery Chocolate Sponge Cake - Wheat gluten alert - Lidl Vitasia 8 Chapattis, 360g - Milk alert: 3D Trading extends recall of Cheetos snacks due to incorrect labelling of milk as an allergen - Eat Natural: Removal of Front of Pack “Dairy Free” Claim - Milk allergen alert: Morrisons 4 Salmon Skewers Marinated in a BBQ Dressing, 250g


EpiPen® (Senior) Adrenaline Auto-Injector Supply Issue Update

16th April 2018

Following on from media reports last week commenting on issues with the supply of EpiPen® (Senior) Adrenaline Auto-Injector in the UK, the Anaphylaxis Campaign have contacted Mylan who distribute EpiPen® in the UK for further updates. Mylan have provided us with a statement, which is below. Our advice remains during this time to check the […]


Statement regarding media coverage of EpiPen® (Senior) Adrenaline Auto-Injector Supply Issue

9th April 2018

Following recent media reports commenting on issues with the supply of EpiPen® (Senior) Adrenaline Auto-Injector in the UK, we wish to reassure our supporters that we are in continuous dialogue with all the distributors of Adrenaline Auto-Injectors (AAIs) in the UK and we will continue to keep you updated about any supply issues as we […]


Spare Pens in Schools: new website is now live

22nd March 2018

The Anaphylaxis Campaign are delighted to announce that the website is now live. This website, a collaboration between ourselves, BSACI, RCPCH and Allergy UK, has been set-up to support schools, parents, students and healthcare professionals in implementing the new guidance from the UK Departments of Health to support children with food allergies in schools, […]


North West Paediatric Allergy Network launch new online resource

16th March 2018

A new online resource has been developed in the North West of England to help parents, children and healthcare professionals with a range of information about children’s allergies. The North West of England is home to seven million people or one eighth of the UK population. The region has 1.5 million children and it is […]