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Stay safe while feeling festive – allergens to look out for at Christmas, Hanukkah (Chanukah) and Yule 30th November 2023

Allergens can find their way into a variety of unexpected products during the festive season, but if you or your child have allergies, you can still enjoy the food and decorations. Use this list of festive foods, drinks and decorations that might contain your allergen as a guide for what to look out for.

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Get your ticket for the Business Symposium 24th November 2023

The Anaphylaxis UK 2023 Business Symposium, is a landmark event in the world of food safety, bringing together professionals from all corners of the food industry.

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Camallergy and OnDosis Forge Groundbreaking Partnership to Revolutionise Food Allergy Treatment 24th November 2023

A collaboration between Camallergy and OnDosis promises to usher in a new era in food allergy treatment, combining cutting-edge technology with patient-centric care.

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Extended Use Beyond Labelled Expiry Date for Selected Lots of Jext® 150 mcg and 300 mcg Adrenaline Auto-Injectors 23rd November 2023

ALK has obtained acceptance from the MHRA to extend the use of specific lot (batch) numbers of Jext® 150 mcg and Jext® 300 mcg auto-injectors, beyond the labelled expiry date by two months.

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Statement regarding the inquest of Robin Wynne Williams 17th November 2023

Anaphylaxis UK is deeply saddened to learn of the death of Robin Wynne Williams, a 45-year-old construction engineer who tragically died from anaphylaxis due to a severe food allergy. Senior coroner Kate Robertson has ended the inquest into Robin’s death

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Double your donation to Anaphylaxis UK during the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2023 16th November 2023

Anaphylaxis UK will be taking part in the Big Give’s Christmas Challenge 2023. From midday 28 November to midday 5 December 2023, donations to our Big Give campaign page will be matched by our supporters The Hospital Saturday Fund. Twice the donation, twice the impact.

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Measuring water loss from the skin can predict anaphylaxis during food challenges 13th November 2023

New research finds that measuring water loss through the skin during food challenges can predict anaphylaxis before symptoms appear, increasing patient comfort and safety.

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New study shows sublingual immunotherapy is effective in young children with peanut allergy 10th November 2023

Researches in the US have completed a trial examining the safety and efficacy of sublingual immunotherapy and found it has potential for long lasting effects and is most effective in young children.

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DBV Technologies to start supplemental safety trial for peanut allergy skin patch 10th November 2023

The biopharmaceutical company DBV Technologies is due to begin two safety trials for Viaskin Peanut in two age groups, known as COMFORT Toddlers and COMFORT Children.

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