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Introducing Tracey Dunn, our new Education and AllergyWise Manager 22nd February 2024

We’re delighted to welcome Tracey Dunn to the Anaphylaxis UK Team as our Education and AllergyWise Manager.

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Home bakery in Northern Ireland is fined for mislabelling cake that contained peanuts 19th February 2024

A home bakery in Northern Ireland has been fined for mislabelling a carrot cake with a generic “may contain nuts” label when the recipe contained peanuts. A customer with a peanut allergy had an allergic reaction after eating the cake which was serious enough to require a trip to A&E.

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Indian takeaway in Whitehaven fined for serving meal containing undeclared peanuts 19th February 2024

The Directors of The Little Indian takeaway in Mirehouse in Whitehaven have been fined £1,345 for serving meals containing peanut when peanut-free meals were requested. 

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Cambridge student calls for better allergen labelling in colleges 19th February 2024

Pembroke student Hannah Mawardi is urging colleges to take action to protect students with food allergies after being served foods containing her allergen at Cambridge formals three years in a row.

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New research finds introducing peanut into the diets of high-risk infants is largely successful 16th February 2024

A US study has found that only 2% of high-risk infants developed peanut allergy after introduction of peanuts into their diet. The results support other studies showing low rates of new allergies after early introduction of peanut but demonstrate the need for extra guidance, reassurance and support, especially if others in the family have a peanut allergy.

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A care home resident who died after choking may have had a peanut allergy 16th February 2024

52-year-old Lorraine Madgett, who died after choking on peanut butter and toast at a care home in north Norfolk may have had a peanut allergy, a court has heard. An inquest into Lorraine’s death has been scheduled for July 31st 2024.

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Do you have an allergy to either peanuts, seafood, or bee/wasp stings, that requires use of an EpiPen?  15th February 2024

Do you have an allergy to either peanuts, seafood, or bee/wasp stings, that requires use of an EpiPen?  The University of Manchester is looking for a member of the public who can give a patient’s perspective of allergies to a group of master’s students who are studying the immune system.

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Our Response to Uber Eats Super Bowl Advert 9th February 2024

Like many of you, we were disappointed when we saw the much anticipated Uber Eats advert due to be screened in front of millions at this weekend’s Super Bowl.

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Avoiding your allergens on Pancake Day – advice from dietitian Tanya Wright 6th February 2024

Dietitian Tanya Wright shares her advice for making delicious pancakes on Pancake Day, whether you or your family are allergic to milk, wheat or eggs.

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