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Our Bee and Wasp Venom Awareness Campaign is back for 2024 23rd May 2024

We are delighted to be launching our Bee and Wasp Venom Awareness Campaign for 2024, supported by an educational grant from ALK. The campaign will offer invaluable guidance on bee and wasp sting avoidance, recognising anaphylaxis symptoms, the steps to take in an emergency and information about venom immunotherapy.

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Three decades of unwavering support 18th April 2024

Anaphylaxis UK is proud to be recognising our 30th anniversary this year… Three decades of unwavering support. To mark the anniversary, we’re launching our ’30 Reasons’ anniversary campaign to showcase the people and stories that motivate us to do what we do here at Anaphylaxis UK.

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Research opportunity for adults with food allergy: exploring self-efficacy 21st June 2024

Adults in the UK with food allergy are invited to take part in Aston University’s survey on management of food allergy, quality of life and mental health. This is being run by Dr Rebecca Knibb and research students.

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New study sheds light on managing milk & egg allergies in young children 13th June 2024

A recent study conducted by University College Cork reveals that the milk and egg ladder methods, a method of gradual milk or egg introduction, can be safe and effective for children with serious milk or egg allergies. Milk and egg

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World Food Safety Day: Our Mission for an Allergen-Safe Food Supply 7th June 2024

As we mark World Food Safety Day 2024, let it serve as a reminder that behind every food safety statistic are real individuals whose lives and wellbeing quite literally could depend on the proper handling and labelling of their next meal.

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Professor Adam Fox features on ITV’s This Morning 7th June 2024

There has been much said in the press this week regarding controversial comments made on This Morning regarding food allergies. Professor Adam Fox has today appeared on the programme to raise awareness of food allergies and the importance of taking them seriously.

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Call for participants: research project seeks individuals with food allergies or intolerances 7th June 2024

If you have experienced food allergies or intolerances and are willing to share your experiences, please consider participating in this survey.  The research focuses on investigating potential correlations between the onset of food allergies and intolerances and adverse life experiences.

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Join the study: share your experiences navigating safe food choices for you or your child 7th June 2024

A group of health care professionals and patient representatives have created a Task Force on Food Allergen Ingestion Risk (‘FAIR’) within the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI). This Task Force is working to better understand the challenges

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Introducing peanuts during infant years reduces allergy risk by 71%, new study finds 3rd June 2024

Peanut allergy, which affects more than 1 in 50 children in the UK, is one of the most common food allergies and usually begins early in life. However, recent research has shown that feeding children peanut products from infancy to

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AllergyWise® for Schools has just got better!  28th May 2024

Our AllergyWise® for Schools training programme has just got even better!  Not only has it been written and designed by educators and is evidence based and reviewed by our leading clinical and scientific panel including allergy consultants… We’re delighted to share it is now CPD certified by the CPD certification service. 

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