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Anaphylaxis UK is the only UK-wide charity solely focused on supporting people at risk of serious allergic reactions. We provide tailored advice to healthcare professionals through expert-led events and a national helpline. AllergyWise, by Anaphylaxis UK, offers a wide range of paid and free courses for the awareness and accreditation of anaphylaxis and allergic reaction responses for individuals and professionals.

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AllergyWise for Healthcare Professionals

AllergyWise is an online e-learning course and the easiest way to learn about anaphylaxis, the risks of serious allergies and how to manage them. The courses can be worked through conveniently from your home or workplace, wherever and whenever it suits you. The courses are simple to follow with interactive diagrams and graphics which makes learning about anaphylaxis and teaching those around you easier than ever, no matter who you are or what you do.

Resources for Healthcare Professionals

Latest News for Healthcare Professionals from Anaphylaxis UK

Increase in children’s allergy services in the UK 17th August 2022

A comprehensive survey of children’s allergy services in the UK has found that the number of clinics and appointments have increased but that services vary too widely across the country.  Researchers contacted UK hospitals to find out what allergy services

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New guidelines to help patients with Pollen Food Syndrome 17th August 2022

The British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology (BSACI) has announced the publication of the BSACI Guideline for the diagnosis and management of Pollen Food Syndrome/Oral Allergy Syndrome. Pollen Food Syndrome (PFS), also known as Oral Allergy Syndrome, is a

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Promising results as Viaskin Peanut trial in peanut-allergic toddlers concludes 14th June 2022

A recent trial by DBV Technologies has produced promising results for very young children with peanut allergies and their families. The trial assessed whether Viaskin Peanut – an immunotherapy skin patch – was safe, and if it worked for children

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