We release short film on growing up with allergies

We release short film on growing up with allergies

  • 20 July 2015
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We release short film on growing up with allergies 

Just in time for Allergy Awareness Week we have released a short film, which sees young members of the Anaphylaxis Campaigndiscuss their experiences of growing up with the condition. Speaking of their individual conditions the real-life teens cover a vast array of topics on how they are successfully learning to manage their allergy independently, whilst still enjoying a normal life with friends and family.

Introduced by Dr. Matt Doyle MRCP (UK) FRCGP, an expert in the field of allergy with copious experience, and hosted by Sarah Brown, a medical student from the University of Belfast, the film , ‘Anaphylaxis&Me’, gives both a real-life and medical view on coping with allergies as a young person.

‘Anaphylaxis&Me’ addresses many important issues, such as eating out, telling friends about the condition and medication, how it feels to have a reaction and how they view having an allergy. However, unlike many films of its kind these subjects are addressed by those with an allergy and also by their friends.

Friends and family of the allergic teen are also asked additionally questions, such as whether they would be confident in an emergency and how they help their friend manage their allergy.

The film is available at the end of this article and on our YouTube channel here. It is released just in time for Allergy Awareness Week.

Allergy Awareness Week started Monday 20th April and runs until Saturday 26th and aims to increase awareness and support for those with severe allergies, highlighting the difficulties they face in everyday life.

Dr. Matt Doyle is a full time GP in Jersey and has worked in the UK and overseas. He joined the BSACI and EAACI in 2010 after studying Allergy at Imperial College and St Mary’s Hospital in London and completing a Certificate of Advanced Study in Allergic Medicine. He was a member of the NICE Guideline Development Groups for Anaphylaxis and Drug Allergy. He has written on Allergy guidelines for publications aimed at General Practice and has been involved in developing commissioning guidance for the RCGP and RCR. He is an Expert Resource in Allergy for the Clinical Innovation and Research Unit at the RCGP and is committed to exploring ways in which Primary Care can better provide for patients with Allergic disease.

Many thanks to everyone that helped put this video together and the amazing people that took part in the project too.