Warning on food ordering apps after teenager is hospitalised

Warning on food ordering apps after teenager is hospitalised

  • 01 November 2022
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Eighteen-year-old Eleanor Lincoln went into anaphylactic shock after eating a takeaway curry which had been ordered via an app. 

Eleanor, who has a serious peanut allergy, was celebrating her 18th birthday with family last March when the incident occurred. It’s reported in Coventry Live that her family had not used Khan’s Restaurant in Heaton, Newcastle, before and had placed an order via an app, specifically asking for no peanuts. 

However, shortly after the first bite Eleanor began to react. Her mother administered her adrenaline auto-injector and then phoned for an ambulance. Eleanor stayed in hospital overnight and has now recovered. 

Coventry Live reports: “Newcastle City Council’s Environmental Health Team found that staff missed the crucial information and peanut and almond protein were in the meal. Food business operator, Samir Najeeb, of Khan’s Restaurant, was found guilty of a breach of Food Safety and Hygiene Regulations and fined £450 with £3,000 in costs at Newcastle Magistrates Court.” 

Food ordering apps vary in how they pass on allergen information in orders to restaurants. Anaphylaxis UK strongly recommends that when ordering online or via your phone that you make your allergies known verbally to the food business. This could be done via a follow up phone call once you have placed your order. 

Food businesses have a responsibility to ensure that their food is safe and they must give accurate information to customers about any of the top 14 food allergens in their foods. More information for businesses is availablehere.