Things to remember on the 5th of November

Things to remember on the 5th of November

  • 26 October 2023
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Enjoy the celebrations of Bonfire Night with our tips for staying safe if you have a food allergy. You and your family don’t need to miss out. With a bit of planning ahead and snacks at the ready, you can stay safe, have fun and make the night special.

We’ve collected some tips from our supporters, including bonfire themed snack packs, so you can relax and enjoy the fireworks.

Things to be aware of when eating out

Choosing foods and treats when you’re out and about on Bonfire Night can be a challenge, largely because it’s so busy. Businesses selling foods and drinks at trucks and stalls must comply with allergen information and food safety laws, but sometimes you might get to the front of a long queue and find there’s nothing safe to eat.

Many of our supporters choose to avoid food sellers and take their own treat and snacks.

If you’re out and about

• Take your own treats. Prepare a Bonfire Night pack and get creative with sweets, toffees, snacks and drinks.
• Ask your kids first if there’s anything in particular they’d like to eat. You could make an occasion of it and make treats together.
• Take hot chocolates in flasks, with your own cups and marshmallows for the topping (just check the labels).
• Take hotdogs in a flask of hot water, with bread rolls and ketchup. You can check they’re allergy safe, first. They’re quick and simple, warm and tasty, and they save some pennies too!
• Other ideas could be chocolate treats, cakes, homemade soups and breads.
• Eat before you go. Try a big baked potato to warm you up.
• If you choose to buy food when you’re out, avoid anything without labels or allergy information. If in doubt, don’t risk it.
• Say no to foods offered by others, such as people giving out sweets or drinks.

If you’re going to a friend’s house

• Let your hosts know of any allergies and how to keep the event stress free. Ask them to let their guests know, and to keep food labels so you can check them, for example. You can even plan foods and drinks together.
• To avoid cross contamination, make sure there is a separate food preparation area for allergy safe dishes, have separate cups and utensils, and keep allergy safe foods in a separate container. Read more about preparing foods safely.
• Be aware of home-made foods such as cakes that guests have brought, if in doubt, you can say no.
• Go prepared – take safe foods with you.

If you’re eating out at a takeaway or restaurant

• If you’re trying somewhere new, have a look at the menu and allergy information first so you don’t feel rushed
• See our guide for eating out with an allergy.

Be prepared

  • If you are prescribed adrenaline auto-injectors with you, check they’re in date and keep them with you at all times.
  • Carry a small torch as well so you or your friends can see what they’re doing.
  • Always tell someone you’re with if you think you’re having a reaction.
  • Treat your reaction according to your emergency care plan and dial 999, or get a friend to call for you.
  • Read more about what to do in an emergency.

And finally

Have fun and enjoy it. Making memories doesn’t always have to be about the food, it’s about spending time with family and friends and enjoying moment.