30 Reasons : The inspiration behind Anaphylaxis UK

30 Reasons : The inspiration behind Anaphylaxis UK

  • 18 April 2024
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As we reflect on our 30 year anniversary, it seems only right to take a moment to remember why Anaphylaxis UK was set up in the first place.

30 Reasons - David Reading

Back in 1993, Sarah Reading, aged just 17 years old, tragically died from an allergic reaction to peanuts. Her father, journalist David Reading, was interviewed by the Mail on Sunday about her allergies and subsequently was featured in newspapers nation-wide. David was overwhelmed by the response and received sacks of letters from other anxious parents and individuals.

What followed was an obvious need to come together and unite as a community.

Wanting something positive to come out of this traumatic experience the Anaphylaxis Campaign was formed in 1994 to not only bridge a gap in the lack of awareness about how serious food allergies can be, but also to provide much needed support for those living with allergies.

David and a team of dedicated volunteers worked tirelessly over the coming years to provide support and information for countless families, teachers, businesses, and healthcare professionals as they navigated their way through their unique allergy journeys.

David commented “When I co-founded the charity in 1994 following the death of Sarah, I would never have imagined its humble beginnings would evolve to the tremendous charity it is today. The aim of Anaphylaxis UK has always been to support people living with serious allergies and to strive for a brighter future…for this generation, and the next. I’m excited to see how the charity continues to evolve over the next 30 years.”

Whilst David retired from full-time work with the charity at the end of 2009, he remains Honorary President of Anaphylaxis UK and we couldn’t be more proud to continue the great work that David started all those years ago.

Over the coming months, our ’30 Reasons’ campaign will continue to showcase the people Anaphylaxis UK has helped over the years. Positive stories that bring to life why we do what we do… stories that we think will be a fitting tribute to the memory of Sarah and the legacy that David has created.