The Coronation: allergy-safe street parties 

The Coronation: allergy-safe street parties 

  • 11 April 2023
  • News

The crowning of King Charles III and the Queen Consort will be a momentous occasion and many public and private events are expected to go ahead over the weekend of the coronation (6 – 8 May 2023). 

If you are attending an event such as a street party, especially where food will be provided, it’s important to plan ahead.  

We’ve brought together tips for people with allergies and event hosts to help keep you and your guests safe. 

Remember that most street parties are not hosted by registered food businesses and, while organisers are encouraged to provide allergen information, it’s not a legal requirement. 

Tips for attendees 

  • If you can check with the host in advance, speak to them about what ingredients they will use, how the food will be prepared and if cross-contamination with your allergens is likely.  
  • Bring some pre-packed safe food from home as a backup if needed. 
  • If the risks seem high because you cannot find out ingredients, or you suspect the food has been prepared with or near your allergens, don’t eat it. 
  • If you have been prescribed adrenaline auto-injectors, remember to take two and carry them with you at all times.  
  • Treat your reaction according to your emergency care plan and dial 999, or get a friend to do so. Read our What to Do in an Emergency page for more information. 
  • If you have a bee or wasp venom allergy, there are avoidance measures you can take to reduce your chance of being stung. Take a look at our Insect Sting Allergy Factsheet.
  • If you purchase food from a registered food business, for example a catering truck, allergen food information regulations apply – see our guide to eating out for more details and tips. 
  • Check in advance with party organisers to find out if they’re planning to have latex balloons. If you have a serious allergy to natural rubber latex, you may want to avoid enclosed spaces with latex balloons on display. For more information see our Latex Allergy Factsheet. 

Tips for hosts 

  • Ask guests for their dietary requirements in advance. When shopping for ingredients, check labels carefully, including any precautionary allergen information such as “May contain”. Check our Shopping & Preparing Food page for more information.  
  • Keep packaging so that guests can also check.  
  • Suggest that everyone bring their own food and drink. 
  • If you’re hosting a party and would like more information, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has published a handy guide here: ‘How to safely host a street party’. The FSA recommends that you provide as much information about allergens as possible. 
  • Consider using foil balloons or bunting for decoration instead of latex balloons which may affect guests with latex allergy. The official coronation website has printable templates available here, as well as colouring in activities for children.