Statement regarding the inquest of Shiv Jugdish Mistry

Statement regarding the inquest of Shiv Jugdish Mistry

  • 14 September 2022
  • News

Coroner Ian Wade QC has ended the inquest into the death of 18-year-old Shiv Mistry who tragically died on 8th July 2022 while on holiday in Spain. Shiv had a serious milk allergy.  

The inquest, held at Beaconsfield Coroner’s Court, Bucks on 7th September 2022, concluded that Shiv ‘was offered and sipped from a Pina Colada cocktail which unknown to him had unexpectedly been mixed with dairy cream instead of the conventional coconut cream, causing him to suffer a severe and unpreventable anaphylactic shock and cardiac arrest from which he died in Costa del Sol Hospital in Marbella on 8th July 2022.’

Anaphylaxis UK would like to extend our deepest condolences to Shiv’s family during this incredibly difficult time. The family have raised much needed funds for Anaphylaxis UK in memory of Shiv and we are extremely grateful for their support.

Anaphylaxis UK would like to re-enforce the following advice: –

Adrenaline Auto-Injectors

  • • Always carry two adrenaline auto-injectors with you at all times.
  • • Ensure you have registered the expiry date of your devices on the relevant manufacturers websites to give you ample warning when a new prescription is required.
  • • Ensure you gain a replacement device prior to disposing of any out-of-date devices

What to do if you suspect anaphylaxis

  • • Stay where you are and LIE DOWN if you can.
  • • Use your adrenaline auto-injector immediately or ask someone else to do this if you prefer (any person is legally allowed to administer adrenaline to another person to save a life);
  • • Call an ambulance (999) immediately after giving the injection or ask someone to do this. Say this is an emergency case of anaphylaxis (pronounced “anna-fill-axis”).
  • • Use your second adrenaline pen 5 minutes after the first pen if you are not improving or if you start to deteriorate after an initial improvement.
  • • Stay where you are and do not get up whilst you await emergency help

If you are concerned about allergies and would like more information and support, please call our national helpline on 01252 542029 or contact