Response to Editorial in the BMJ (18 January 2021)

Response to Editorial in the BMJ (18 January 2021)

  • 22 January 2021
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We really welcome the Editorial in the BMJ (18th January 2021)-  “Vaccinating against Covid 19 in People who report Allergies.” Click here to read the editorial

The Campaign has had an unprecedented number of calls to our helpline from allergic individuals who have concerns regarding the Covid 19 vaccine and over 70,000 weekly hits to our Covid 19 website hub.  Feedback to our helpline has confirmed that there is still a great deal of confusion amongst Healthcare Professionals as to the suitability of each of the UK approved Covid -19 vaccines for patients with severe allergy and anaphylaxis. We have worked with BSACI and Allergy UK to develop “Frequently Asked Questions” that clarify the latest guidance in The Green Book and correct the large amount of misinformation still being disseminated.

Covid-19 Vaccines and Allergies – Anaphylaxis Campaign


*Update (22nd January 2021) We are delighted that the BMJ published our response their article