Professor Adam Fox features on ITV’s This Morning

Professor Adam Fox features on ITV’s This Morning

  • 07 June 2024
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It is obviously disheartening to see flippant comments being made on high profile platforms, that make light of the struggles faced by people living with allergies. However, it strengthens our belief that our mission at Anaphylaxis UK is to not only raise awareness of the seriousness of anaphylaxis, but also to educate people on the negative impact that such comments can have on people affected by serious allergies.

We are therefore delighted that Professor Adam Fox, a member of the Anaphylaxis UK’s Clinical and Scientific Panel has today appeared on This Morning to raise awareness of food allergies and the importance of taking them seriously.

Professor Fox appearing on the programme has also served as a great opportunity to talk about the ‘Reducing the risk of your child having a serious allergic reaction’ patient information leaflet that was developed back in 2023 by leading allergy experts including Anaphylaxis UK’s Clinical Panel members Professor Adam Fox, Dr Paul Turner and Professor Graham Roberts.  The leaflet, developed in close collaboration with Anaphylaxis UK and Allergy UK, is designed to empower patients, parents, families, grandparents, friends and caregivers in caring for children with food allergies.

The leaflet is also a valuable resource for raising public awareness about identifying and treating allergic reactions promptly, improving the safety of all those with food allergies. Being able to raise awareness of the seriousness of living with an allergy on programmes like This Morning, can only be a good thing despite the unfortunate circumstances in which it came about.

As we recognise our 30th anniversary milestone, incidents like this are a reminder that there is still much work to do to educate and inform those who may not understand the seriousness of living with allergies. But rest assured, we are more committed than ever to continue working with well-known businesses, brands and individuals to ensure that comments trivialising food allergies become a thing of the past.