Our Response to Uber Eats Super Bowl Advert

Our Response to Uber Eats Super Bowl Advert

  • 09 February 2024
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Like many of you, we were disappointed when we saw the much anticipated Uber Eats advert due to be screened in front of millions at this weekend’s Super Bowl.

The advert includes a man with an allergic reaction to peanuts. We understand that humour is often used in advertising, but when it trivialises an issue as serious as food allergies, it risks perpetuating misconceptions and stereotypes. It makes light of the struggles faced by people with allergies and contributes to a lack of awareness and understanding of the real-life challenges, fears and anxieties they face on a daily basis.

And when that happens, our community stands together to take action!

We have already been in contact with Uber Eats to not only request they pull this part of the advert, but also to offer any support or advice they may need to improve their understanding of the seriousness of allergic reactions.

We appreciate that not everyone is affected by allergies, and whilst there may have been no malice intended with the advert, it is a reminder that there is still much work to do to educate and inform those who may not understand the seriousness of living with allergies.

As we reach our 30th anniversary milestone, incidents like this strengthen our commitment to working collaboratively and constructively with companies like Uber Eats to improve public understanding of serious allergies.

Whilst we wait for a response from Uber Eats, we would like to say thank you to everyone who raised their concerns regarding the advert, whether it be on social media or directly to Uber Eats. We work closely with many well-known businesses and brands to raise awareness of the impact of living with allergies and we look forward to a positive conversation with Uber Eats to offer similar support and insight.

Together we can educate and inform the wider community that allergies are no laughing matter!