New article provides insights into immediate vaccine hypersensitivity reactions

New article provides insights into immediate vaccine hypersensitivity reactions

  • 11 July 2023
  • Healthcare News
  • Research

An article published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology this month sheds new light on the management of immediate hypersensitivity reactions to vaccines.  

Immediate hypersensitivity reactions to vaccines are rare but can generate anxiety and uncertainty for both patients and healthcare professionals. This recently published article explores the mechanisms, diagnosis, and management of these reactions, providing insights that are helpful to address concerns surrounding vaccine safety. 

The article covers diagnostic approaches to help distinguish between immediate hypersensitivity reactions and other responses whether immunological, non-immunological or vaccine-stress-related, ensuring appropriate management and minimising unnecessary vaccine avoidance. 

For people with a confirmed allergy to an excipient or a previous vaccine, the article provides guidance on the management of subsequent vaccinations. It outlines risk assessment strategies, and management options including graded dosing and desensitisation. It covers how tailoring the approach to each person’s risk level can help to ensure safe and effective vaccination while mitigating the risk of potential allergic reactions. 

The insights into the mechanisms underlying immediate vaccine reactions, offer a deeper understanding of the risk factors and potential triggers. This knowledge is invaluable to help healthcare professionals communicate risk effectively to patients, address their concerns, and provide accurate information on vaccine safety. 

The article also offers reassurance for anyone who may be worried about anaphylaxis to vaccines. Clarifying just how rare true allergic reactions to vaccines are and outlining evidence-based management strategies could help to reduce anxiety and promote confidence in vaccination.  

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