MedicAlert and Anaphylaxis Campaign

MedicAlert and Anaphylaxis Campaign

  • 11 June 2019
  • News

We’re delighted to announce that Anaphylaxis Campaign has joined forces with MedicAlert, the national emergency medical information charity.

Aiding those with severe allergies and other medical conditions, MedicAlert is offering a £10 discount to all Anaphylaxis Campaign members and readers.


Who are MedicAlert?

The MedicAlert Foundation UK is the original and best provider of medical ID services, offering assurance and life-saving support to its members since 1964.

MedicAlert doesn’t just provide medical ID jewellery. Whilst the most medical information is engraved on to the reverse of the jewellery, their full service ensures that the information provided during an emergency is accurate and comprehensive – it is not restricted to what will fit on to a bracelet or necklace disc.

  • Members’ medical records may include allergies, medical conditions, medication, history, documents including clinical reports, doctor or hospital contact details and next-of-kin information.
  • Unlike other providers of medical ID services, all MedicAlert member records are checked by in-house medical professionals, both when they are set up and when anything changes to ensure that they are accurate and prioritised for use in emergency situations.
  • Records are available 24/7 via the emergency helpline in over 100 languages and dialects.
  • All members can appoint one or more advocates to help manage their record.
  • Members are able to update their medical record online as often as required, ensuring the information provided during an emergency remains accurate and relevant.

Joining MedicAlert

Membership equates to just 9p per day and provides 24/7 emergency phone support, medical professional checks of your record, document storage and the peace of mind that your information is relayed if the unexpected were to happen.

In order to support those at risk of a severe allergic reaction, MedicAlert has discounted the first year’s membership for all Anaphylaxis Campaign members and readers. Enter ANA10 to receive a £10 discount.

When this code is used, MedicAlert will also provide Anaphylaxis Campaign with a £5 donation, which will support our work of raising awareness of severe allergies.

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