Mark Foster visits the Anaphylaxis Campaign

Mark Foster visits the Anaphylaxis Campaign

  • 20 July 2015
  • News

Earlier this month a visit from our patron, world champion and Olympic swimmer, Mark Foster caused a lot of excitement as he paid dropped by our Farnborough HQ! We spent the day with him as he had lunch with the team and helped us out with an exciting new project for 2013.

Since returning from the Christmas and New Year festivities, the Communications team here at the Anaphylaxis Campaign have been busy planning and putting in to action a new filming project. The project aims to deliver four brand new films detailing many elements of anaphylaxis and the Campaign’s activities. This will include an interview with Mark where he discusses his experiences of losing a friend to anaphylaxis and explains how and why people can and should engage with the Anaphylaxis Campaign.

These films will also include interviews with members of the Campaign sharing their stories to form a real life picture of what it is to live with anaphylaxis throughout life, communicating to others the practical and emotional impacts of severe allergy. Our founder, David Reading, will also feature, telling his story about how the Campaign came about.

We also had a little help from the Campaign's good friends John Schwab and Christy Meyer as they helped us demonstrate anaphylaxis and what to do in case of an emergency. It was a true test of their acting skills, but no problem for such professionals, as they did a brilliant job and we're sure the results will look great!

It is hoped that these new films will better educate people about and help them to engage with anaphylaxis, reaching a wider audience through their online presence. They should be ready by mid-2013, but we will of course keep you up to date with the latest via our website and social media channels, so keep watching this space!