Looking after your medication in cold weather

Looking after your medication in cold weather

  • 02 March 2018
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The ‘Beast from the East’ and ‘Storm Emma’ mean many weather warnings have been in place this week as snow and icy conditions grip the nation. Our helpline and information team have received some queries about how to store adrenaline to ensure it is within the correct temperature range, so here are our top tips and advice for looking after your medication in cold weather.

Adrenaline is the first line treatment for severe allergic reactions (known as anaphylaxis) and is available on prescription in a pre-loaded injection device (known as an adrenaline auto-injector or AAI) for self-use in an emergency. The AAIs prescribed in the UK at present are EpiPen® and Jext®.

Emerade devices in all doses (150mcg, 300mcg and 500mcg) have been recalled and are not currently available. Read the latest statements on this in our Latest News section here.

Whichever devices you have been prescribed, it is important that you

  • Keep your AAIs in their original containers to prevent light exposure
  • Do not store them above 25°C
  • Do not freeze them

It is vital that when you are out in the cold weather you carry your AAIs with you at all times. To ensure they are at a suitable temperature you can place them close to your body, such as a pocket or place them in a temperature regulating pouch.

If your child has medication at school, you may be concerned that any devices left in school buildings that have been closed due to the weather will have been exposed to the cold. When your child returns to school, check the AAI when you can. If the solution appears discoloured or contains particles the device should be discarded and replaced.

Due to the severe weather conditions, we anticipate that some pharmacy stock supplies may be affected. We are contacting the distributors of AAIs for confirmation and will release any updates as we receive them.

You can read more about AAIs in our adrenaline factsheet. Visit Factsheets.

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Unfortunately, due to continued travel disruption most of our staff have been unable to make it into the office again today and our helpline and information team will be unavailable to take phone calls. Sorry for any inconvenience.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact our helpline and information team for advice via email info@anaphylaxis.org.uk. We can also answer queries between 9am and 5pm via Facebook Messenger @anaphylaxiscoms and Twitter Direct Message @anaphylaxiscoms.