Living with a Latex Allergy- latest YouTube video

Living with a Latex Allergy- latest YouTube video

  • 02 March 2023
  • News

In the latest YouTube video, Jo Keeling shares her personal story of living with a latex allergy and how it has affected her life. Jo speaks with Simon Williams from Anaphylaxis UK about her experience and the challenges she faced as a police officer before being medically retired due to her allergy.

Jo talks about her struggles with avoiding contact with latex gloves and rubber while on duty and how this impacted her ability to do her job. She shares how she developed the allergy in her late 20s, despite having no prior history of a serious allergy. Through this interview, viewers gain insight into the impact that a serious allergy has had on Jo’s life and the challenges she has faced.

Jo’s story highlights the need for increased awareness and understanding of allergies, as well as the importance of support and advocacy for those living with them.

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