Latest NHS figures show a decline in hospital admissions for allergy and anaphylaxis

Latest NHS figures show a decline in hospital admissions for allergy and anaphylaxis

  • 05 October 2021
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The 2020/2021 NHS hospital admissions figures for allergy and anaphylaxis have been published. Following 7 years of a steady increase in admissions, this year’s figures show a substantial decline in both allergy and anaphylaxis hospital admissions for adults and children.

Hospital admissions for adults 19 years and over

 Hospital admissions for 18 years and under

See the full figures on the NHS Digital website here

 Why have the numbers decreased for the first time in 8 years?

The decrease in hospital admissions for allergy are largely accounted for a by a decrease in admissions for allergic asthma. This is in line with several recent research studies which have reported that the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown measures have led to a reduction in hospital admissions for asthma for a number of proposed reasons including: –

  • Reluctance to seek medical help due to fear of the virus/stay at home advice
  • Reduction in travel leading to reduced air pollution
  • Stay at home advice leading to reduced transmission of viruses/exposure to allergens
  • Social distancing, hand washing and use of face masks reducing transmission of viruses/exposure to allergens

All of the studies are observational, which means we can’t be certain that the factors proposed caused the decrease.

Sarah Baker, Interim CEO of the Anaphylaxis Campaign said: – ‘Whilst is encouraging to see less people needing to be admitted to hospital because of their allergies or anaphylaxis, we must take into account the possibility that these figures represent a temporary decrease due factors relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.  As we emerge into our new normal, we will continue our work to create a safe post pandemic environment for all people with allergies by working with and educating those in schools, universities, the food industry, health care professionals and other key audiences.’

We have a number of resources available to help enable those at risk to manage their allergy successfully. These include;

If you would like further information and support, please call our national helpline on 01252 542029 or contact, open between 9am – 5pm Monday-Friday.