Introducing new Food Immunotherapy Factsheet

Introducing new Food Immunotherapy Factsheet

  • 15 August 2023
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Anaphylaxis UK has launched a new factsheet to provide evidence-based information on food immunotherapy, a treatment option for food allergies that has been growing in popularity in recent years.

Immunotherapy aims to desensitise your immune system to the food you are allergic to, meaning you are less likely to have a reaction. Until recently, the main way to manage food allergies was to avoid the food you are allergic to, however, food immunotherapy now offers an alternative.

Food immunotherapy is not new, with its first usage more than 100 years ago, however, advancements and increasing availability over the last decade means it has become a better treatment option. It is not a cure for allergies but if successful, it could reduce the chances of having a reaction if a person accidentally consumed their allergen.

With the increased awareness of food immunotherapy, patients are looking for trustworthy information about this treatment. All Anaphylaxis UK factsheets are PIF TICK accredited, the UK’s quality mark for health information, meaning that they have undergone a strict review process involving expert healthcare professionals to ensure all information is jargon-free, up-to-date and factually accurate. Anaphylaxis UK was awarded the PIF TICK in December 2021, certifying us as a ‘trusted information creator’.

The new Food Immunotherapy Factsheet includes information on the different types of immunotherapy, what allergies they can treat, the disadvantages and new treatments currently being studied. It is a useful resource for anyone considering food immunotherapy for themselves or their child, and healthcare professionals.

Find out more about Food Immunotherapy and download the factsheet here.