iFAAM and AlleRic: An update

iFAAM and AlleRic: An update

  • 20 July 2015
  • News

The Anaphylaxis Campaign was in attendance of the 3rd iFAAM Conference, which took place last week in Vienna on 25th – 26th of February 2014.

The Campaign has been directly involved in two crucial sections of the iFAAM project, the first 'Allergic Reactions in the Community' (AlleRic) and the second focussing on 'may contain' labelling.

As part of the AlleRic project, we are helping to recruit adult, food allergic patients for the Manchester University team which is spearheading the UK involvement of this section of the project. Those recruited  will need to complete an online questionnaire if they suffer an allergic reaction and hopefully provide a sample of the food they reacted to in order for testing.

The Campaign has also been involved in a ground breaking review of 'may contain' labelling, which has also involved other stakeholders such as representatives from the food industry, clinicians and food scientists. Each stakeholder has written a brief account of what is meant by Precautionary Allergen Labelling (PAL), what they see as the issues surrounding PAL and how these could be improved. It is anticipated that the review will be written up as a research paper in the near future.

In the fourth and final year of the project, the Campaign will be involved in producing a short guide to allergen management and labelling for allergic consumers and healthcare professionals. We will keep you updated with progress on this vital project. 

More information on the iFAAM project as a whole can be found here.