Camallergy and OnDosis forge groundbreaking partnership to revolutionise food allergy treatment

Camallergy and OnDosis forge groundbreaking partnership to revolutionise food allergy treatment

  • 24 November 2023
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Camallergy, a trailblazer in developing oral immunotherapy solutions for food allergies, has teamed up with OnDosis, a leader in intelligent dosing of oral solid medications, in an exciting strategic collaboration. This partnership is poised to reshape the landscape of food allergy treatments, including peanut allergies, by combining Camallergy’s innovative therapies with OnDosis’ state-of-the-art Dosage Manager device technology. The primary goal is to address the challenges faced by physicians when offering oral immunotherapy, ultimately making the treatment more accessible for patients.

A new era in oral immunotherapy

Oral immunotherapy (OIT) has long been a proven technique for retraining the body’s immune system to tolerate food allergens. It involves taking regular oral doses of the allergen, starting with low amounts and gradually building up to a maintenance dose. However, this process has traditionally relied on cumbersome pull-apart capsules during the ‘up-dosing’ phase.

Revolutionising treatment and reducing burden

OnDosis is introducing a groundbreaking electromechanical Dosage Manager to this collaboration, replacing conventional capsules. This innovative dosing device delivers precise doses from allergen cartridges, enabling tiny, controlled dose increments. The key objective is to dramatically reduce the treatment burden associated with traditional oral immunotherapy.

By allowing for precise and controlled dose increases, this collaboration between Camallergy and OnDosis has the potential to eliminate the need for frequent clinic visits. Instead, patients can take these smaller dose increments in the comfort of their own homes, marking a significant shift in the treatment process.

A blend of efficacy and convenience

The ultimate aim is to combine the proven efficacy of OIT with the convenience offered by other immunotherapy approaches, such as epicutaneous and sublingual methods. By eliminating the need for up-dosing clinic visits, this collaboration will free up valuable time for both patients and healthcare professionals.

This breakthrough could also extend the reach of licensed peanut OIT to include adults, a customer segment that has so far been challenging to serve.

The added convenience will be a major selling point,” commented Professor Matthew Greenhawt, MD, from the University of Colorado School of Medicine. “Logistics in oral immunotherapy have long been a significant hurdle to adoption. Shifting towards at-home up-dosing brings numerous advantages.

Personalised treatment

Crucially, the partnership places a strong emphasis on meeting individual patient needs, offering tailored treatments. This patient-centric approach is designed to streamline the treatment experience, providing a more comfortable and efficient path to desensitization.

About Camallergy

Camallergy (Cambridge Allergy Ltd) is a biopharmaceutical company spun out from Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in Cambridge, UK. The company develops innovative, patient-centric treatments based on oral immunotherapy to address the tens of millions of patients worldwide living with food allergies.

About OnDosis

A Swedish Life science company that will revolutionize the way patients take their medicines. The idea is to deliver the perfect dosage—individualised, intuitive, and intelligent—in a form that is easier to consume. OnDosis has developed a proprietary technology platform that centres around a connected handheld device that delivers customized and easily adjusted doses of oral medicines and enables integration of digital technologies. By combining traditional drug-based treatments with digital therapeutics, OnDosis strives to fulfil its purpose: to ensure that patients get exactly the medicine they need, so they can live the lives they deserve.


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