BSACI Publishes Guidance for Prescribing Palforzia® Peanut Oral Immunotherapy

BSACI Publishes Guidance for Prescribing Palforzia® Peanut Oral Immunotherapy

  • 05 July 2024
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The British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology (BSACI) has published new guidelines for using Palforzia®, a treatment that helps children with peanut allergies build tolerance safely. This treatment aims to reduce the severity of allergic reactions in case of accidental exposure to peanuts, and therefore reduce the risk of anaphylaxis.

Peanut allergy is one of the most common food allergies among children and is often a lifelong condition. Palforzia® works by gradually introducing small amounts of peanut protein to help them build tolerance and reduce severe allergic reactions. The treatment involves multiple visits to increase the dose, careful monitoring, and eventually transitioning to eating peanuts daily in a real-world setting. 

Because Palforzia® treatment is complex and the NHS currently has limited capacity, it was necessary to create a national plan to ensure the therapy is offered safely and fairly. To achieve this, the BSACI conducted a detailed study to gather expert opinions and develop clear guidelines. These guidelines will help more clinicians prescribe Palforzia® and manage the high demand for the treatment.

The guidance includes detailed recommendations on how to get consent, prepare, and monitor young people undergoing peanut immunotherapy to ensure it is done safely. The full report is now available online for clinical practice in the UK. We encourage healthcare professionals and families of children with peanut allergies to review these guidelines and discuss the potential benefits of immunotherapy with their healthcare providers.

To access the guidance click here.