Anaphylaxis Awareness Week 2023  

Anaphylaxis Awareness Week 2023  

  • 27 September 2023
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This year’s Anaphylaxis Awareness Week (1-7 October), sponsored by Nestle Health Science, starts this Sunday with a focus on empowering people with the right knowledge and building confidence to safely manage serious allergies. 

Throughout the week we’ll be sharing information on our social media channels and inviting you to get involved, whether it’s sharing our messaging with friends and family, or taking part in our new fundraising initiative #Challenge14

As the UK’s only charity solely supporting people with serious allergies, we want to think ahead and create a brighter future for everyone affected. To do this we need to raise awareness so that everyone understands the signs and symptoms, what to do in an emergency and how to be more considerate of allergies.  

Our volunteers have also been sharing with us what food businesses can do to help customers feel more confident.  

Eden Byrne, from Belfast
Eden Byrne

Student Eden Byrne, from Belfast, has serious allergies and says: 

“Food businesses can help by being clear on their allergy labels and providing us with extra guidance if needed. They should also be understanding and non-judgemental, and not rush us when ordering as it can be a potentially life-threatening decision we are making.  

“Staff should be well educated in the severity of allergies and should be well equipped in managing one should a reaction occur.” 

Student Vinay Sajeer, from Essex, lives with multiple serious allergies, including dairy, eggs and nuts, and says that better availability of allergen-free foods is helping. He says:  

“What boosts my confidence is having a wider variety of options at my disposal. Although allergies can undoubtedly limit the range of foods and meals I can enjoy, thanks to the hard work, dedication, and expertise of people from various fields, we now live in a world where allergies may restrict our food choices, but they don’t have to limit our ability to savour delicious flavours.” 

Vinay Sajeer, from Essex
Vinay Sajeer

Chief Executive of Anaphylaxis UK Simon Williams says: 

“Anaphylaxis Awareness Week is the perfect time to spread awareness and educate people on anaphylaxis, so we can create a safer environment for people with allergies.  

“There have been recent cases in the media about food businesses getting it wrong and that’s why we have been working with food businesses to change this. We are also launching our first Business Symposium this December to offer businesses the opportunity to find out more about the challenges faced by individuals with allergies and what they can do to help.” 

Get involved 

Throughout the week on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn we’ll be sharing key information on serious allergies. You’re also welcome to show your support by adding your own experiences, dressing up in your brightest clothes and posting on your social channels with the hashtag #WearItBright to help keep the conversation going. 

If you work in a school, as a healthcare professional or in a business, you can also download our free toolkits with more information on how to get involved, including healthcare posters, children’s activities and suggested social media posts. 

To find out more about Anaphylaxis Awareness Week, download resources and media assets go here

To donate to Anaphylaxis UK and help us continue our work supporting people with serious allergies here. 

Nestle Health Science are a sponsor of Anaphylaxis Awareness Week 2023. Nestle Health Science has had no input into the content or development of materials or activities. Acceptance of sponsorship does not imply endorsement of products and services by Anaphylaxis UK.