Allergy-friendly Mother’s Day gifts – 19 March

Allergy-friendly Mother’s Day gifts – 19 March

  • 27 February 2023
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Looking for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day? If your mum has an allergy, there may be a few extra things to consider. To help you and your family have an allergy-safe Mother’s Day this year, read our tips and ideas below. 

We hope you have a special day! 

Say it with flowers 

If your mum is allergic to pollen, then some flowers or plants may not be suitable. Ask your mum first and speak to your florist about low pollen, or pollen-free flowers. Luckily there are also many alternatives, such as paper flowers or flowers encased in resin to make beautiful jewellery that will last longer.  

Free from treats 

Many of the 14 major food allergens appear in sweets and chocolate, such as dairy and nuts. Just remember to check labelling carefully, including any may contain labelling. There are free from alternatives available to suit most dietary requirements and we hope you find a delicious treat to surprise your loved one with. 

Beauty products 

You may be surprised to hear that many food allergens also appear in cosmetics, toiletries and medicines. Always check the labels and be aware that ingredients in cosmetics and toiletries are written in Latin. Please see our Cosmetics, personal care products and medicines factsheet for more information including a list of common allergen Latin names. 

You could create your own allergen-free pamper hamper with safe items that you know your mum with love. Ingredients do change, however, so it is still important to check the labels every time, even if you’ve bought the product before. 

Be the cook 

Surprise your mum with her favourite allergen-free dishes that you can enjoy together as a family. Cooking at home and shopping for the ingredients will give you a lot more control over what is included and possibly be less stressful for all. 

However, if you do decide to treat mum to meal out, we recommend calling the restaurant in advance to make sure they can provide a safe meal. Remember to discuss this with them again when you arrive and again when the meal arrives. See our Eating out with an allergy page for more information.  

Day trip 

A day out can be another great way to treat mum. If you’ve chosen a particular venue, check in advance if they can cater for allergies or bring your own food. 

If your Mum has been prescribed adrenaline, make sure she always remembers to carry two adrenaline auto-injectors with her at all times.