Meet the Team


Simon Williams Chief Executive

Simon Williams, in his role as Chief Executive of Anaphylaxis UK, has been a driving force behind the modernisation and expansion of the charity. His leadership has not only transitioned the organisation but has also fostered a more collaborative culture.[…]

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Lesley Ingram Head of Finance and Operations

Lesley joined Anaphylaxis UK in 2018 and is responsible for the charity’s Finance and Operations. Having studied with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and with a long career of senior finance roles in the private sector, Lesley brings many[…]

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Emma Thistlewood Head of Fundraising

Emma is Head of Fundraising at Anaphylaxis UK and lead on corporate fundraising initiatives.[…]

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Information and Helpline Team

Our Information and Helpline Team produce all online and offline content for Anaphylaxis UK. Our accredited factsheets are checked by clinical experts and regularly reviewed. The team is also responsible for producing the Safer Schools Programme and all the materials to support teachers and other staff, in addition to other training available for healthcare professionals and businesses.

Fundraising Team

The Fundraising Team organise all the fundraising events across the UK, from the London Marathon to The Kiltwalk. We also apply for grants to support our work and help businesses organise fundraising activities.


Producing all the social media content and newsletters, making sure we all keep to the brand guidelines and raising awareness both online and offline keeps the communications team very busy.