What is Anaphylaxis?

Anaphylaxis (pronounced ana-fil-ax-is) is a serious and often sudden allergic reaction. It can occur when someone with allergies is exposed to something they are allergic to (known as an allergen). Reactions usually begin within minutes and rapidly progress but can occur up to 2-3 hours later.

Anaphylaxis is potentially life-threatening and always requires an immediate emergency response.

If you have experienced a sudden allergic reaction in the past, then you may be at risk of anaphylaxis even if you have not had anaphylaxis before. We advise that you see your GP and ask for a referral to an allergy clinic.

A diagnosis of anaphylaxis can be daunting at first, but by becoming well-informed, thinking ahead and employing daily coping strategies, people affected find that life can return, almost, to normal.

Supporting People With Serious Allergies

Here are some of the ways we support people to manage day-to-day life with a serious allergy.


About Anaphylaxis UK

Anaphylaxis UK is the only UK-wide charity operating solely for the growing numbers of people at risk of serious allergic reactions and anaphylaxis. While there’s no treatment or cure for anaphylaxis, we believe that by providing information, training and support, there is a brighter future for people living with serious allergies.

Our mission is to create a safer environment for everyone with allergies by working with and offering training for the food industry, schools, pre-schools, colleges, health professionals and others.


Training & Education

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Is Your School AllergyWise®?

We offer training for teachers and all school staff. We encourage a whole school allergy awareness approach – the more staff who understand allergy and how to recognise an allergic reaction, the more likely your school will be able to safely manage pupils with allergies.

Check with your school and ask if they have done our training.

Ways You Can Help

There are many ways that you can get involved with the vital work we do! Your support has a huge impact on the lives of people with serious allergies.

Your time is as valuable as your donations, so explore the button below to discover all the ways you can help us further our mission of securing a brighter future for people at risk of anaphylaxis.

Anaphylaxis UK's Convenient Clothes Collection

If you have a busy schedule or a large quantity of clothes to donate, Anaphylaxis UK offers a FREE pickup service.

Have your donated items collected from either your home, workplace, school or university saving you time and effort!

Living with Serious Allergies

Guidance for Parents

If you're a parent, explore our guide all about teaching children how to live with food allergies and educating them about anaphylaxis.

Managing Allergies at University

As you leave for university, it might be the first time you’ve had to manage your allergies on your own. Make the transition a bit easier with Anaphylaxis UK.

Shopping & Preparing Food

If you or a member of your household has a food allergy, there are precautions you can take while shopping or preparing food at home to ensure food safety.


Allergies can be stressful, especially when you’re in a busy airport or in new and unfamiliar surroundings. Follow our top tips and be as prepared as possible to stay safe and confident while travelling.

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Home bakery in Northern Ireland is fined for mislabelling cake that contained peanuts 19th February 2024

A home bakery in Northern Ireland has been fined for mislabelling a carrot cake with a generic “may contain nuts” label when the recipe contained peanuts. A customer with a peanut allergy had an allergic reaction after eating the cake which was serious enough to require a trip to A&E.

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Indian takeaway in Whitehaven fined for serving meal containing undeclared peanuts 19th February 2024

The Directors of The Little Indian takeaway in Mirehouse in Whitehaven have been fined £1,345 for serving meals containing peanut when peanut-free meals were requested. 

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Allergy Alerts

Mustard Alert – Carlos Takeaway Meat Feast Pasta Bake 19th February 2024

Product Name: Carlos Takeaway Meat Feast Pasta Bake Pack Size: 600g Use by Date: 25 Feb, 26 Feb, 27 Feb 2024 Product Code: : 731020 Bar Code: 4061464793897     We have been alerted by Aldi that it is recalling

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Peanut and Tree Nut Alert – Biona Organic Cashew Nut Butter 13th February 2024

Product Name: Biona Organic Cashew Nut Butter Best Before Date Code: 31/12/2026 Batch / Lot Code: E233189 Barcode: 50327 223 05892     We have been alerted by Windmill Organics Ltd that it is recalling its Biona Organic Cashew Nut

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Sulphites Alert – Iceland 4 Creamy Chicken Pies 12th February 2024

Product Name: Iceland 4 Creamy Chicken Pies Pack Size: 568g Best Before Date Code: 12.09.25     We have been alerted by Iceland that it is recalling its 4 Creamy Chicken Pies from sale because they may contain sulphites which

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