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living with anaphylaxis

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It doesn’t matter if you’re allergic to nuts, fish, milk or almost anything really! We’ve got Factsheets available on all the major allergens and some general allergy stuff too. They’re free to download and give you the best information on how to recognise, manage and understand your allergy so download today!
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Ever feel alone and like you’re the only one? Check out other young people’s stories on their allergy and how they’re coping with growing up, school, university and travelling with an allergy.
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Take the AllergyWise online course
Knowledge and understanding of your allergy, and how to treat it can help ease your mind and take control of your allergy. We know you’re busy so our AllergyWise online learning course is really quick and easy. It can help you learn to manage your allergy completely independently and let parents and friends see that you’ve got it covered so they don’t need to worry either. Check it out here.