The Health Conditions in Schools Alliance is now online

The Health Conditions in Schools Alliance is now online

  • 10 November 2015
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The Health Conditions in Schools Alliance (HCSA) has gone live with a new website to help schools find information and advice on caring for children with health conditions quicker and easier than ever before.

There are certain policies and practices schools must carry out if caring for a student with any health condition. Such rules include setting up a healthcare plan, supporting children with their education in different settings and having an adequate healthcare policy in place to care for the child.

The HCSA is set up to help support schools in each of these areas by offering guidance and advice, ensuring that new rules are being followed and that medical conditions policies are in place, to ensure the safety of all children with health conditions whilst at school.

Made up of over 30 organisations working collaboratively, including charities, healthcare professionals and trade unions the HCSA provides information and guidance from a vast range of sources. With an A-Z list of the alliance’s members, schools can access the information they need to help a child with a medical condition.

From information about severe allergies and asthma to cancer, cystic fibrosis and blindness schools can be assured that the support and guidance they need is now readily available to them to help keep students safe while at school.

Visit the website now for more information.