Anaphylaxis UK’s AllergyWise® School Award: Heygarth Primary School

Anaphylaxis UK’s AllergyWise® School Award: Heygarth Primary School

  • 12 July 2023
  • Schools News

Anaphylaxis UK’s AllergyWise® School Award recognises the continuous efforts of a school to provide a safe environment for its pupils with serious allergies. All schools that apply must reach the award’s criteria, which includes completing the charity’s AllergyWise® for Schools online training course.

Heygarth Primary School, Wirral, is one of several schools to receive the award so far. They share why they applied and how it has benefitted their school.

Heygarth Primary School

410 pupils aged 3 to 11

Prior to working with Anaphylaxis UK, Heygarth Primary School was developing new ways to effectively manage its growing number of pupils with allergies, some of which were life-threatening. They reached out to our charity “to use the knowledge and experience from a well-established organisation” to help improve their allergy management.

Our AllergyWise® for Schools online training course is designed for all school staff. The courses will teach them how to recognise the signs of an allergic reaction, what to do in an emergency and give them the confidence to manage this.

Danny Stenhouse, Business Manager at Heygarth Primary School, said the course had given “a better understanding and awareness of the process from start to finish across the whole range of staff, along with coping mechanisms.”

Following their training, the school applied for and received the AllergyWise® School Award.

“Allergies are now relatively common and we as a school, along with parents, like to seek confirmation that we are doing everything correctly and that we are well placed to deal with such matters.”

Through working to meet the criteria for the award, Hazel Beamish, Headteacher, adds that it has provided “a better understanding from pupils and staff into various allergies and how they can affect different people in different ways. It has also given the reassurance that we have the ability to manage and understand allergies while keeping our pupils safe.”

For more information about Anaphylaxis UK’s AllergyWise® for Schools training and AllergyWise® School Award, visit our Education section.