Anaphylaxis UK’s AllergyWise® School Award: Cheadle Hulme School

Anaphylaxis UK’s AllergyWise® School Award: Cheadle Hulme School

  • 04 September 2023
  • Schools News

Anaphylaxis UK’s AllergyWise® School Award recognises the continuous efforts of a school to provide a safe environment for its pupils with serious allergies.

Since its launch earlier this year, several UK schools have received the award, including Cheadle Hulme School, Cheshire, who have shared why they applied for the award and the benefits for staff and pupils.

Cheadle Hulme School

Independent day school for ages 3 to 18. 1,511 pupils.

Prior to training with Anaphylaxis UK, Cheadle Hulme School (CHS) had implemented procedures for managing allergies that were reviewed annually, and the school medical staff had received NHS training. However, the school saw the need to further enhance education and awareness across the school community, especially with the increasing number of students with serious allergies.

Seeking trustworthy assistance, CHS turned to Anaphylaxis UK.

CHS chose Anaphylaxis UK as “a registered, reputable organisation in which the school is confident that any training completed with them will be valid, regulated and recognised by parents of the children.

“The junior curriculum is supported with resources provided by Anaphylaxis UK and in training for the senior school. We now have a specific allergy policy for the school which was inspired by the charity’s information and we have encouraged more staff from the wider school community to participate in the AllergyWise® training.”

After meeting the criteria for the AllergyWise® School Award, the school chose to apply to further demonstrate their commitment to supporting their pupils in managing their own allergies independently.

Allergy Work at CHS CREDIT Cheadle Hulme School

CREDIT Cheadle Hulme School

They added: “Parents have confidence in knowing that the school takes allergies seriously and are happy to allow the school to deal with the day-to-day management of their child’s allergies. Pupils are confident in the knowledge that the staff can manage their conditions should an emergency arise and feel safe in school. Also, staff feel supported that ongoing training is available all year round and are aware of the individual health care plans in place for every child. They know where to find the information and how to support the young person.”

When asked if they would recommend the award to other schools, CHS said: “Yes, we would recommend other schools apply for the award as it encourages you to review what you currently have in place and what potential there is to improve.

“It reinforces our school’s recognition of the seriousness and impact allergies have on our young people and the school’s priority in maintaining awareness and management of allergies in school.”

Parent’s review

Jenny, a Cheadle Hulme School parent

“My son has a life-threatening milk allergy. When he was four he suffered an anaphylactic reaction and this experience never leaves you.

“Moving from junior school to a much bigger senior school posed a huge step for a child with a life-threatening allergy and I anticipated a worrying and possibly difficult time to confidently get my son’s needs met. However, CHS stood apart from others for their management of serious allergies. It felt like they really understood what was at stake. There was a maturity and an ethos evident in the healthcare and catering teams that went much further and in retrospect was well ahead of its time. Embarking upon the first year, as a parent I had the feeling that at a minimum, if problems did arise or my son did require medical attention then he would be in highly capable, very reassuring hands.

“Since Year 7, the First Aid team and the Catering Team have supported us by not only providing the safest environment, but they have wholeheartedly supported my son’s independence and confidence. My son has an exceptional relationship and rapport with these teams, and they have also established and nurtured a relationship with me as a parent, built on trust, two-way communication and the very latest allergy management practice.

“There are individuals within these teams that clearly champion allergy management making CHS allergy management what it is today. They, as well as the school, should be acknowledged as leaders in this field. The foundation these individuals and teams have built will undoubtedly continue to evolve and keep pace with the latest practices and this will continue to serve current and future students in a way that a modern world requires. An allergy shouldn’t get in the way of living a life and growing and experiencing all there is. And this is exactly what CHS allergy management has achieved.”

For more information about Anaphylaxis UK’s AllergyWise® for Schools training and AllergyWise School Award, visit our Education section.