KS1-2 Schools Allergy Awareness Resource Pack


You can download our schools awareness resource pack for free, but a donation of £10 to support our work would be much appreciated.

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Our KS1-2 schools allergy awareness resource pack is designed to facilitate an allergy awareness session for infant and primary school age children (Key Stages 1 and 2) given by a member of school staff. As part of our schools allergy awareness resource pack you will receive…

    • Resource pack FAQs
    • Lesson plan 1 PDF
    • Lesson plan 2 PDF
    • 3 worksheets and answers
    • Wordsearch and answers
    • Colouring in sheet
    • Certificate of participation for children
    • *NEW* KS1-2 Lesson Presentation 2
    • *NEW* KS1-2 Assembly or Lesson Presentation 1

Our KS1-2 schools allergy awareness resource pack can be downloaded by anyone from our website. However, while anyone can download the pack the Anaphylaxis Campaign would like to be clear that by downloading and using our resources this is not an endorsement of the individual presenter by the Anaphylaxis Campaign.

You cannot make any changes to our resources without written consent from the Anaphylaxis Campaign. Please contact the Information department 01252 542029 or [email protected]

Our AllergyWise e-learning courses can help with your preparation for the session:

Our free online e-learning course AllergyWise for Schools is designed to help you improve your knowledge about allergies, know how to provide treatment in an emergency, and understand how to safeguard children with allergies from key Stages 1 to 5.

Our accredited online e-learning course AllergyWise for Healthcare Professionals is a comprehensive ‘train the trainer’ course designed for school nurses, community nurses and nursery nurses with a responsibility for training others in first aid and allergy awareness.

Register online at www.allergwise.org.uk today and learn conveniently, wherever and whenever it suits you.