New and improved AllergyWise® for Schools course for all school staff

New and improved AllergyWise® for Schools course for all school staff

  • 08 March 2023
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We are moving our AllergyWise® courses to our new learning platform on the Anaphylaxis UK website. The new platform provides a smoother training experience and features our updated and improved AllergyWise® for Schools course. 

The course has been updated by our Online Training & Education Manager and qualified teacher, with support from our Information Team, with a wealth of knowledge about allergies and anaphylaxis. The course has also been reviewed by members of our clinical and scientific panel and school staff. 

Our new AllergyWise® for Schools course includes: 

  • 5 evidence-based modules 
  • 5 quizzes 
  • Practical scenario videos 
  • Optional narration of lessons 
  • Final assessment 
  • Personalised downloadable digital certificate of completion 
  • Additional benefits: updated downloadable allergy awareness lesson resource packs for primary and secondary schools included, and eligibility for our AllergyWise® School award. 

The course takes approximately one hour to complete, at a time that suits you and at your own pace.

Tracey Dunn, Executive Headteacher and Anaphylaxis UK Education Ambassador, said:  

“The AllergyWise® course is essential in developing staff knowledge of allergy in general but importantly in a school setting with practical examples. With the course being online it means that staff are able to access it at a time that suits them and the school. Whilst online it is presented in a very engaging way with audio, video and quizzes. I always have positive feedback from my staff team on completion of the course. With my entire team undertaking the training I am confident that they are equipped to ensure that our settings are inclusive throughout the year and have the knowledge they need should an emergency situation arise.”

Anaphylaxis, the most serious allergic reaction, usually begins within minutes and can be life-threatening. Unfortunately, there have been cases of fatal anaphylaxis happening when a child is at school. We encourage a whole school allergy awareness approach as this is the safest way to manage children with allergies. The more staff and pupils who are allergy aware, can recognise the signs of anaphylaxis and know what to do in an emergency, the safer all children with allergies in school will be.  

AllergyWise® for Schools, designed for all school staff, covers key topics, such as, common causes of allergic reactions, symptoms of anaphylaxis, how to use adrenaline auto-injectors, and how to safely manage pupils with allergies in school. This includes responsibilities, risk assessment, Allergy Action Plans, allergy bullying, storage of adrenaline auto-injectors and practical scenarios.  

As well as updated and improved content, our course also includes additional benefits to encourage whole school allergy awareness. Our downloadable lesson resource packs with ready-to-use lesson plans, presentations and activities to educate pupils of all ages about allergies and the emotional impact allergies can have, are included with this course. All schools who complete our training are also eligible for our AllergyWise® School award.  

For further information about the new course and the additional benefits click here.  

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