AllergyWise® for Schools has just got better! 

AllergyWise® for Schools has just got better! 

  • 28 May 2024
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Our AllergyWise® for Schools training programme has just got even better!  Not only has it been written and designed by educators and is evidence based and reviewed by our leading clinical and scientific panel including allergy consultants… We’re delighted to share it is now CPD certified by the CPD certification service. 

The AllergyWise® for Schools training course enables staff to learn the essential information for developing a whole school approach to managing allergy ensuring that safety first is promoted for students who have an allergy to food or another substance.  It is completed online, at a pace and time that suits the participant.  Regular quizzes along the way help users remember their learning.  We can confidently say that undertaking this course leaves staff prepared for an emergency situation should one arise. 

Over the years, we have provided AllergyWise® for Schools training for many schools and it is highly valued by all who undertake it: 

AllergyWise for Schools Feedback

Tracey Dunn, Our Education and AllergyWise® Manager, commented  “I’m delighted that AllergyWise® for schools has been certified by CPD Ltd. This means, not only does it have expert clinical review, it also gives the user additional assurance that this is an excellent course that equips the participant with the knowledge to keep students safer.” 

AllergyWise® for Schools is a part of our Safer Schools Programme, which has lots of free downloadable materials including an DfE approved policy and risk assessments that complement the course. All of these resources help make schools a safer place to be for those living with allergies. 

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