FAQs: Purchasing the AllergyWise® for Schools course

Please see some frequently asked questions below and our step-by-step guide for information.

  • How do I buy this AllergyWise® for Schools course?

    Click one of the purchase buttons throughout this page, or through this link. Payment is made by credit/debit card.

    Please see our step-by-step guide for further information.

  • How much does the course cost?

    The course costs £10.50 including VAT per person. There is a minimum purchase of 10.

    20% discount the next year for schools who purchase the course again the following year. If you’ve previously bulk purchased our AllergyWise® for Schools course for 10 or more of your staff, please use the contact form to get in touch for a discount code before purchasing.

    If you’re a Multi Academy Trust, large school or organisation looking to purchase the course for 50 or more staff, please use the contact form to get in touch for bespoke pricing.


  • Why do I have to buy for a minimum of 10 staff?

    We encourage a whole school allergy awareness approach and training of both teaching and non-teaching staff, as this is the safest way to manage pupils with allergies. The more staff who are allergy aware and can recognise the signs of anaphylaxis, the safer all pupils with allergies in school will be.

    You can buy for more than 10 staff, however, 10 is the minimum purchase.

    As well as our updated and improved online training, our course also includes additional benefits: allergy awareness lesson resource packs included with ready-to-use lesson plans, presentations and activities, to encourage whole-school allergy awareness and inclusivity of all pupils. Plus the opportunity to achieve our AllergyWise® School award.

  • What if I don’t need to buy for 10 staff?

    10 is the minimum purchase. Once purchased, you will be able to use the course places for 12 months, so if you have any staff changes, new staff members, ad-hoc staff etc. then these staff can also be trained. 

    For individuals, we have a wealth of information and resources on our website, including our Safer Schools Programme.

  • I did the course last year, why does it cost more now?

    Our AllergyWise® for Schools course has been updated and improved. The content is evidence-based, clinically reviewed, and includes practical scenarios relevant to schools. The course now includes updated modules, quizzes, final assessment (80% pass mark), images and videos, plus optional narration of lessons and a personalised digital certificate of completion. The course also has downloadable allergy awareness lesson resources for primary and secondary schools included with lesson plans and many activities to use with pupils, and schools who purchase our course are also eligible for our AllergyWise® School award. 

    As a charity, we receive no taxpayer funding, meaning every penny we raise through fundraising, donations and course sales allows us to continue our work to support people at risk of life-threatening allergic reactions.

  • My school has previously bulk purchased the course for more than 10 staff and we're looking to purchase again. How do we get the 20% discount?

    If your school has previously bulk purchased our AllergyWise® for Schools course for 10 or more staff and you’re looking to purchase again, please use this contact form to get in touch. You will be sent a 20% discount code to apply before purchasing the course.

  • My school has previously completed a free version of the course, which is no longer available. Are we eligible for the 20% discount?

    Only schools who have previously bulk purchased our AllergyWise® for Schools course for 10 or more staff are eligible for the 20% discount. However, if your school purchases this updated AllergyWise® for Schools course this year, you will be eligible for a 20% discount next year.



  • What happens after I’ve paid for this course for my staff?

    The group leader who purchases the course can enrol users onto the course. You can do this by logging into your account and going to ‘Learning Groups’. Click on the Enrol New User button to add users by entering their name and email address. The enrolled user will then receive an email with their account login details so they can access the training. Each staff member needs their own account to complete the course individually. 

    Please see pages 3 and 4 of our step-by-step guide for further information.

  • I've purchased the course but now want to buy for more staff, what do I do?

    You need to log into your account where you are able to purchase further courses.  If you wish to purchase less than 10 additional courses, please use this contact form to get in touch.