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As a business member of Anaphylaxis UK you will benefit from a range of support from our business forum, regular webinars, training and education plus discounts.

Why join as a Business Member?

We are improving the way we work with business to offer more in return to our business members:
  • right_arrow_orange_icon The new monthly newsletter includes more updates on the latest developments in policy and research
  • right_arrow_orange_icon Our new and more regular webinars will feature leaders from across industry and include more up-to-date information and insights
  • right_arrow_orange_icon Get access to online training and get discounted in-person training courses
  • right_arrow_orange_icon Get discounts on our product alerts, which get sent to people with the relevant allergies and backed up by our information team on standby to help with consumer enquiries
  • right_arrow_orange_icon Premium Members can join the Anaphylaxis UK Business Forum and help shape how we work with business
  • right_arrow_orange_icon Get a dedicated business member logo to show your customer

Business Membership Packages

We offer different levels of support to help your business become safer for people with allergies


per year

Included in your membership:

  • Business member logo
  • Monthly newsletter


per year

Included in your membership:

  • Monthly newsletter
  • Business member logo
  • Quarterly Business Forum meetings


Let's work together and create something amazing

  • Public awareness campaigns
  • Social media campaigns
  • Web-content
  • Sponsorship
  • Joint events
  • Newsletter sponsorship

Some of our Business Members

Latest Business News Headlines

Get your ticket for the Business Symposium 24th November 2023

The Anaphylaxis UK 2023 Business Symposium, is a landmark event in the world of food safety, bringing together professionals from all corners of the food industry.

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Employee wins law suit after being dismissed for taking time off to recover from anaphylaxis 9th November 2023

An employee who was sacked after taking five days off work to recover from a near-fatal allergic reaction has successfully sued his employer on the grounds of disability discrimination.

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Pharmacist saves woman having a near-fatal allergic reaction to bee sting in Northern Ireland 8th November 2023

A community pharmacist in Co Down, Northern Ireland, has been celebrated as a local hero after treating a woman with adrenaline after a bee sting caused an anaphylactic reaction

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