Discussing Adrenaline Auto-Injectors with Patients

Use the following information to aid your discussions with patients to make sure they understand how to use their adrenaline auto-injectors and know to order more before they expire.

Training & Trainer Devices

All patients or their carers who are prescribed adrenaline auto-injectors must be shown how to use the injector and should demonstrate that they are able to use it using a trainer device. This should be recorded in the medical notes.

Trainer devices are an ideal way for healthcare professionals, patients and their families to familiarise themselves with their device and practice using it. If the patient is switched from one device to another, this could cause confusion as the alternatives are similar but not the same, so careful retraining will be necessary.

Patients can order a trainer device from the websites below:
  • right_arrow_orange_icon Emerade Trainer Device: https://www.emerade-bausch.co.uk/patient/order-trainer-pens
  • right_arrow_orange_icon Jext Trainer Device: https://kids.jext.co.uk/order-jext-trainer-pen/
  • right_arrow_orange_icon EpiPen Trainer Device: https://kids.jext.co.uk/order-jext-trainer-pen/

Expiry Alert Services

Expiry alert services provide several reminders that a patient’s auto-injectors are about to expire, to encourage them to get a replacement as soon as possible.

The MHRA have produced an updated advice sheet to give to patients and carers to emphasise the importance of checking the expiry date of adrenaline auto-injectors and getting replacements before they expire.

  • right_arrow_orange_icon Emerade Alert Service: https://www.emerade-bausch.co.uk/hcp/reminder-service
  • right_arrow_orange_icon Jext Alert Service: https://jext.co.uk/
  • right_arrow_orange_icon EpiPen Alert Service: https://www.epipen.co.uk/en-gb/patients

Download our patient information poster

Our patient information poster provides essential information for you to support your allergic patients and is supported by a QR code to enable the professional and patient to access the information they need to manage their serious allergies.

Patient Websites

Patient websites provide further resources such as training videos and patient-specific FAQs:
  • right_arrow_orange_icon https://www.emerade-bausch.co.uk
  • right_arrow_orange_icon https://jext.co.uk
  • right_arrow_orange_icon https://www.epipen.co.uk/