Cold Turkey

Wednesday 31st January 2018

Go Cold Turkey this January!

Can you not start the day without coffee or can't make it through the afternoon without a bag of crisps of a bit of choccy?

What about makeup or other beauty products, are you the person who won’t even pop to the shops without a full face?

Maybe your friends think you’re physically attached to your mobile phone or that you couldn’t make it through a day without checking social media?

We are challenging you to go 'cold turkey' on one of your favourite things and ask your friends, family and colleagues to pledge a donation to the Campaign for every day/week/or even hour that you ‘stay on the wagon’. It’s an amazingly simple way to raise a lot of money and prove to people that you are stronger than they may think!

Click here to download a fundraising pack and see why fundraising is so important to the Anaphylaxis Campaign.