Safe Sex with a twist

Allergens can turn up in places you may not expect, working their way into numerous situations and products.

Condoms are no exception. Latex and milk can be found in many brands of condoms. Milk is one of the 14 most common allergens, whilst latex is less common there are still numerous people with latex allergy and results can be just as serious.

On contact these allergens can cause those with allergies to have an allergic reaction, and whilst you may want them to burn for you, this won’t be what your lover has in mind.
However, a burning sensation or rash can be the least of an allergic persons worry. With many other symptoms occurring from reaction; for instance, shortness of breath, feeling faint and skin swelling and can even prove fatal, practicing safe sex means much more to those with allergies.

There are many non-latex or milk free condoms available, just ask the manufacturer’s advice on which allergens may be used in production.

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